So many activities to choose from at one location!!!

Camp Dogwood 2012 Alumni May 13, 2014

What I love about Camp Dogwood is the variety of instructor-led activities, and the chance for my dog to try something new!

Camp Dogwood 2012 Alumni May 13, 2014

My favorite thing about Camp Dogwood is the combination of active and not-so-active activities.

Camp Dogwood 2012 Alumni May 13, 2014

The best thing about Camp Dogwood is the beautiful surroundings and lots of fun activities.


Camp Dogwood 2012 Alumni May 13, 2014

Camp Dogwood is an opportunity to try new things with your dog.


Camp Dogwood 2012 Alumni May 13, 2014

I love my dogs, and my dogs love camp. You do the math!

May 13, 2014

I have been looking forward to Camp Dogwood for months, finally an opportunity to vacation with my best friend.

Carla LaPointe, Camp Dogwood Alumni May 13, 2014

The Directors of Camp Dogwood have been dedicated to dog related community organizations since day one. Their positive support of shelters, volunteer groups, and advocacy organizations shows commitment to people as well as animals.

Karen Okura, Director of Behavior & Training, Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society May 13, 2014

Fear not, Camp Dogwood, just outside of the windy city will give you and your pooch an experience to write home about.

Animal Fair, Summer 2002 May 13, 2014

...like doggy overnight camp, with dogs and their owners bunking in rustic cabins, a lodge or in their own tents.

The New York Times May 13, 2014

Companions bring their canines for long weekends of fun and sun – There, old dogs learn new tricks, build bonds, and bark as loud as they want!

FOX News May 13, 2014

I didn't know what to expect before I got there, and the weekend was even better than I could ever have imagined! Thanks!

2005 1st-time Camper May 13, 2014

Camp Dogwood is a special place for us! We think our dogs love bringing us as much as we love coming along

2010 Camp Alumni May 13, 2014

Camp Dogwood is the Planet’s Best Dog Camp

The Animal Planet; Dog-Friendly Destinations May 13, 2014

The joy on my dogs faces and the excited barking when we turn in to camp is priceless.  Brew lives to lure.  The laughter and friendship made will last a lifetime.  At the end of camp, I have 2 exhausted and happy pups dreaming of the next camp.

Lori V. May 13, 2014

I love the happy exhausted puppy I have every evening at camp.We both love trying all the activities but really just being with other like minded dog people is the best. I travel 13 hours every year for this wonderful, magical place.

Josette J. May 13, 2014

My boys give me so much happiness all year.  Camp is something I can do to bring them happiness.  I'm there because I know they have a great time.  I LOVED the even deeper bond we developed from our weekends.

Valerie M. May 13, 2014

Camp Dogwood is my extended family. When you go it is like a reunion for dogs and humans. Many unforgettable memories are made and treasured from camp.

Kari B. May 13, 2014

Camp is my favorite place in the world. I can focus totally on my girls, it's a chance to give a little fun time back to them in return for all they give me. They get to try so many things that we don't have in our area. And I love being around other people who feel the same way about their dogs as I do.

Bobbette D. May 13, 2014