“Camp Dogwood is the Planet’s Best Dog Destination”  - Animal Planet

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COVID UPDATE 2023:  We have resumed having camp in a manner similar to pre-pandemic times. In 2022, we required individuals to bring 2 rapid tests to camp, one rapid test was done at check-in, and the 2nd was done 24 hours later. This worked quite well.  Our hope is that we will not have to take any precautions in 2023, however if conditions change, we will resume taking precautions which may include: requiring participants to be vaccinated, requiring masks indoors, rapid testing, only having activities outdoors.  Our sincere hope is that none of these precautions will be necessary in 2023. 

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What I love most about Camp is the sense of community and camaraderie. Those four days are like being in a magical land where every dog is loved, all are happy and having fun, and there is nothing else in the world but people and dogs.

Karen O.

It really was Camp Dogwood that introduced me to all the sports that I now enjoy with Shelby - Agility, Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, Flyball, etc. etc.! I just appreciate the time I have to bond with him. Camp Dogwood really gives me that opportunity. Thank you, Alysa and Dave!

Carol B.

It felt like home and I’ve never had a vacation feel that way! My bond with my pups has strengthened and I’ve learned so much about them and boosted their confidence in awesome ways! I clearly cannot say enough good things about this camp and will be making it a yearly occurrence!  

Amillie Z.

FetchFind  Pro

FetchFind Pro

Camp Dogwood is honored to collaborate with FetchFind Pro. Registered campers for 2018 will receive free access to FetchFind Pro, an e-learning platform featuring 30+ education videos on topics such as canine calming signals, body language basics, how dogs...

Modern Dog Magazine Features Camp Dogwood

Modern Dog Magazine Features Camp Dogwood

Camp Dogwood is so proud to have been featured in the Spring Issue of Modern Dog Magazine, Canine Camp.  Long time camper Kari B., with her pups Fritz and Pia, Lisa B. with her dog Cora, Carol B. and Shelby, and two of our favorite Goldens - Jack and Bear can all be...