Lodging Rates

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Lodging Rates

PerlsteinImageSIGNAGESpring and Fall Camp are the mainstay of Camp Dogwood and the sessions that are most reminiscent of an overnight camp experience. A typical day of Spring & Fall Camp offers anywhere from 25-30 “dogcentric” activities from which to choose. The training sessions emphasize positive reinforcement and fun for you and your dog(s). Lectures and demonstrations always center on enriching the time we have with our four-legged friends. You decide how much or how little to do each day. Spring and Fall Camp sessions are designed to be fun, relaxing, educational, and a time for making memories with your dog and camp friends. We make one guarantee after Spring & Fall Camp, a tired dog…and person.

See our Payment and Cancellation policies for additional information.

  • Winter Camp 2014 Dogwood (May 30-June 2, 2014)
    Winter Camp Registration Deadline: January 10, 2014.
    Hosted in Ingleside, Illinois.
  • Whole Dog Day Program (Saturday, May 3, 2014)
    A single day event, Hosted in Ingleside, Illinois.
  • Senior Dog Day Program (Sunday, May 4, 2014)
    A single day event, Hosted in Ingleside, Illinois.
  • Spring Camp Dogwood (May 30-June 2, 2014)
    Spring Camp Registration Deadline: May 15, 2014.
    Hosted in Lake Delton, Wisconsin.
  • Fall Camp Dogwood (October 10-13, 2014)
    Fall Camp Registration Deadline: September 24, 2014.
    Hosted in Lake Delton, Wisconsin.

Camp Fees

All overnight camp packages include your selected lodging (dogs sleep with you), meals & snacks (dogs bring own chow!), and all standard programming. Rates are listed PER HUMAN CAMPER with up to two dogs, except for our “couple with 1 dog” rates). If you have more than 2 dogs attending with you (per individual) the “additional dog fee” is $50.

Space will be held with either a full-payment of your fee, or a minimum deposit of $200 per human for Spring or Fall sessions. Balances become due PRIOR to attending the session. No refund of deposit is available. For a Daypass to any session, or Winter Camp programs, please pay-in-full with your submitted registration.

Our Rate Chart is shown below:



Our different lodging accommodations are available in different ways, depending on the number of people per room: “Single Occupancy” provides one person a private room or cabin. “Double Occupancy” provides one private room or cabin for two people. “Group Housing” is intended for three or more people.

Double Occupancy and Shared Housing accommodations are designed to house multiple campers. We cannot provide roommate-pairing services, but recommend joining our FACEBOOK group if you’re in need of suitable possible roomates

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Rustic cabins are set throughout the property and can be reserved as Single and Double occupancy or as Group Housing. Cabins are not heated and do not have indoor plumbing. All cabins are situated in a Cabin Community with multiple shower houses and bathroom facilities within VERY close proximity. We encourage Cabin campers to bring personal touches to help create their weekend home-away-from-home, as the cabins provide shelter, electricity and “real” summer-camp-charm. Cabins used for multiple campers are usually equipt with a sitting porch.
All our Lodge rooms provide private heated rooms with private bathroom facilities. All also provide a building common area and a kitchen for public use.  Lodge rooms can be reserved as Single occupancy, Double occupancy or Group Housing. A variety of buildings are considered Lodges at our host facility… and all provide spectacular views, too.
Camp Dogwood also accommodates those who would like to take advantage of all we offer -including all meals- but would prefer to tent-out under the stars.  Our facility has well groomed tent camping areas including your own campfire circle.  Tent campers are welcome to use the bathouse facilities for showers, bathrooms and water are a short distance from the tent camping area. Tent Campers must provide all their own camping equipment, and camp in the designated camping village.

A limited number of spaces are open for Daily Camping, which is a great way to come and “try” camp. Available only on the Saturday & Sunday of any camp session, Daily Camping includes all meals, access to all camp facilities and a full day of programming.

Single Full Day, 1 person, w/ 1 or 2 dogs (Meals & Activities) $135


Single Full Day, 2 people, w/ ONLY 1 dog (Meals & Activities) $200

Spring session : May 29, 2014
Fall session: October 9, 2014

Given the success of extended camps in the past, Camp Dogwood will once again allow full camp campers the option of coming a day early.  Campers MUST pre-register for this extended option.  Just like regular camp, Extended Camp includes meals and an extra night of lodging.

Although there will be no activity schedule on this extra day of camp, it is a great way to become familiar with the camp facility, relax and get settled in before all the camp excitement begins, hike or swim at the beach, play on an open field…or just chill out!

Some of our staff experts in agility, training, and behavior may be available for private sessions (extra fee) during the extended camp time.   Extended camp is an additional fee of $100 per person added to your camp rate.

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    Cabin Exterior: SIngle

    Cabin Exterior: SIngle

    Cabin Exterior: Double or More

    Cabin Exterior: Double or More

    Lodge Room Sample (All have private bathrooms.)

    Lodge Room Sample (All have private bathrooms.)

    View of Lake Blass  from a room at the Guest House.

    View of Lake Blass from a room at the Guest House.