Karen Okura

As an inaugural Camp Dogwood is so happy to have Karen O. back to camp. We have missed her. In addition to being an extraordinary Good Dog Bone reader at meals, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to camp.

In Karen’s words –

I worked in the private sector of animal welfare for thirty years. I gained an enormous amount of experience and knowledge during that time. I also found my passion in work — helping people help their companion animals.
I currently instruct group dog training classes and offer in-home private consultation to dog and cat guardians. I love doing this. Love it. I enjoy the connection to people. Yes, I am one of those “animal people” types who actually likes the person in the human-animal relationship, as much as the animal! For me, seeing “the connection” happen and then develop between an animal and its person is what my passion is all about. It’s what feeds me. It motivates me to reach for more, to continue learning, to never stagnate.
I know how lucky I am to do what I love. Every training class, every consultation, every time I am able to interact with people and their companion animals, I am as excited as the first time.