Consultation / Partnerships

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Camp Dogwood is one of the first dog camps in the U.S., and camp founders, Alysa Slay and Dave Eisendrath have been directing camp since its inception.  Dave and Alysa are in fact the two longest running dog camp directors in the country (quite likely the universe☺) making them expert on all things “dog camp.”

We have developed not only expertise, but an extensive network of professional resources for the many aspects of planning and running dog related events and small business.  Like dog camp, where camp is as much about the people and friendships that are made as it is about the dogs, we believe that the success of any small business lie with the connections and relationships between people.

Over the years, we have received many inquiries from people interested in starting their own dog camp or launching a dog related small business.  Camp Dogwood is able to provide:

  • Consultation on starting a dog camp in your region
  • Grassroots and low cost marketing ideas
  • The importance and “how to’s” of networking within the dog community
  • Creative ideas to establish your “niche” within the dog world
  • Focus groups to test dog related products
  • Guidance regarding the logistics of running a dog related small business
  • Strategies for incorporating pet related activities into larger more general community events
  • Empathy and support for your “crazy” dog related business idea….we have been there, so we know what it’s like

We collaborate frequently with Ripple Public Relations, as well as experts in bookkeeping and design who are available to help develop and grow your dog related small business or plan your next dog related event.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in consultation services or partnering with Camp Dogwood for an event.