Carey Green

Carey has been involved in dog sledding and dog weight pulling for the past 14 years. His first weight puller was a Siberian husky named Czar, Since then he has trained and worked with 5 other dogs and taken them to the national championships. Weight pulling and dog sledding are 2 dog sports that go hand and paw with Carey. The weight pulling and dog sledding people in Dupage county know Carey as a hard worker with the people and the dogs. He has devoted 14 years of a many cold Saturday mornings to the training of dog sledding and weight pulling. Carey started and maintained a group of dog lovers called the Green Valley Dog Drivers. Carey is a judge for the IWPA (International Weight Pulling Association). When not with his dogs he is running a distribution company he owns called Alkay Industries Inc. selling Nut’s and Bolts and industrial supplies. Carey was brought into Dogwood last year by Kathleen Sanderson. After his first time, he was hooked. This is just what he need to relax and enjoy all the things he loves about camping and dogs. The campers and their dogs are the best part of Camp Dogwood.
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