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Photo Galleries

Camp Dogwood has been lucky to have had a few fantastic photographers joining us each session since the beginning. Dana Joy Altman was our original photographer, worked with film and negatives and captured our puppy years as a dog camp. Her dedication and talent helped document some of our earliest memories and we’ve included some of her shots from long ago, in our “Classics” album. Since those days, we have been thrilled to bring Renny Mills to our sessions to head all photography efforts. With a number of assistants over the years, she (and faithful editor, Gary) has been able to capture Camp Dogwood, our campers and the unique experience we offer session after session. In her photos albums here, take a look at the love and fun found at Camp Dogwood as only the eye of Renny Mills Photography can show. If you attended Camp Dogwood and were interested to see MORE of the photos from your session, or inquire about purchase or use, many can be found thru Renny’s photo host site here: http://rennymillsphotography.zenfolio.com/f621922521