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Camp Dogwood is committed to promoting the positive role that dogs play in our lives by supporting programs that improve the quality of canine life within our communities.  During camp, fundraising events such as our Good Bones program, The Dogwood Yard Sale and the Scrub-‘Em-Yourself-Dog-Wash generates proceeds, which are returned to the dog community by Camp Dogwood.   We’ve given back to the community over $25,000 since 2001.  Our list of donation recipients is always growing, here are some of our past donation recipients:



Camp Dogwood is always ready to get involved with great causes and groups that help or give-back to the dog community. While we’re interested to talk about any opportunity you might have, we know that silent auctions are a big part of many fundraising efforts. If you would like to ask for a donation for your event, we are happy to consider your request in the form of Gift Certificates or possible awards for raffles or contest prizes. Submit your request here, making sure to include all information about your event.

Those making donation requests should have access to social media or be participating in event planning so arrangements can be made to promote Camp Dogwood’s involvement.


If you are interested in making a donation to a Camp Dogwood silent auction (one held at every Spring and every Fall camp session), please contact us to make arrangements. If you are interested to include a product or promotional information in our camper goody bags (or extend an offer to our audience by way of discount code or promo) see the section on Sponsor & Vendor Opportunities.



Camp Dogwood campers are as loyal as their dogs.  We have a large return rate year after year, a strong social media following, and clients who really will go the extra mile for their dogs.  Camp Dogwood has a variety of very affordable sponsorship opportunities for businesses, especially niche businesses, looking to target dog owners.

We will be offering a small number of vendor booth opportunities at our Whole Dog Camp (May 3, 2014) and Senior Dog Camp (May 4, 2014).

If you are interested in Sponsorship Opportunities or an at-camp Vendor booth, we invite you to contact us.


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