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Camp Dogwood”  PART ONE 
If your dog wants to escape the paved streets of the inner city in Chicago, you can visit Camp Dogwood. In this clip from “Planet’s Best Dog Friendly Destinations” on Animal Planet we get a sneak peek of the many activities in puppy paradise.

“Camp Structure” PART TWO
Come see some of the activities at Camp Dogwood, where dogs can enjoy anything from swimming to sheep herding in this clip from “Planet’s Best Dog Friendly Destinations” on Animal Planet.

“Agility Class” PART THREE
At Camp Dogwood, visitors can join an agility class to build a closer bond between dog and owner. We learn more about the camp’s activities in this clip from “Planet’s Best Dog Friendly Destinations” on Animal Planet.

“Lure Course” PART FOUR One of the most popular activities at Camp Dogwood is the lure Course. Many dogs have a drive to chase, and in this clip from “Planet’s Best Dog Friendly Destinations” on Animal Planet, they get a run for the money.

The Bark

Summer Camps for You and Your Dog If you and your dog enjoy off-leash parks, traveling and outdoor activities, dog camp is for you! To read the full article, click...

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ABC 7 Chicago

Camp Dogwood is located an hour from Chicago or Milwaukee, Camp Dogwood is a place where roaming off-leash, playing on a dog-friendly beach, and experiencing the joy of running with a pack are not just only encouraged... To read the full article, click...

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USA Today

Dog owners get activities, quality time with pets at camp To read more click here. 

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Midwest Living

A Dog-Friendly Vacation Feeling guilty about telling your dog to "Stay!" when you hit the road? Ride along on a vacation built around places that let dogs join the fun. Click here to see the full...

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New York Times

JOURNEYS; Leave Fido Back Home? No Way! WHEN Barbara Corbato booked a trip to Ontario's wilderness region with an adventure travel company, she and her companion, Bella, spent a long weekend canoeing, hiking, swimming and lounging by the campfire. But Bella isn't her...

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Chicago Tribune

Camp Dogwood It's an outdoor adventure for canines and their companions You'd forgotten how humiliating camp could be. It has been decades since you fell on your face in tug-of-war, sang off-key at the talent show and, truth be told, peed in your sleeping bag and...

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WGN Radio

Steve talks with Alyssa Slay about Camp Dogwood, which is a camp that runs for four days and three nights. During this camp owners are able to spend time with their dogs and learn more about them....

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Camp Dogwood Youtube

Or see what some campers and staff have shared on YouTube.com Campers have posted many clips of Camp Dogwood in action on YouTube. Take a peek and see some campers” perspectives of a place “Where Your Dog Can Be A Dog!”...

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