We’ve been there, traveling without our canine companion, missing them dearly, and knowing that our vacation would be complete if we only had our dog by our side.  Camp Dogwood, Where You and Your Dog Stay & Play, is an all-inclusive vacation destination for dogs and their people.  One of the longest running dog camps in the U.S., Camp Dogwood is a special place where like-minded “dog people” come together to bond with their dog, learn, have fun, and relax.  Along the way, long lasting friends and memories are made.



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Camp Dogwood is devoted to enhancing your knowledge about your dog, the bond between you and your dog, and the role of dogs in our community. Our mission is dedicated to:

   The Dog...

Camp Dogwood is committed to providing educational programs regarding the health, behavior and emotions of our canine friends. Such programs will be offered within a framework that respects the diverse nature of available canine related information.


The Bond...

Camp Dogwood is committed to providing a range of activities that balance opportunities for developing the dog's potential, as well as, enhancing the relationship between human and dog companions. Relaxation and recreation for both humans and dogs are at the root of activities.


...And the Community

Camp Dogwood is committed to promoting the positive role that dogs play in our society by supporting programs that improve the quality of canine life within our communities. Additionally, fundraising events such as our Good Bones program, The Dogwood Yard Sale and the Scrub-'Em-Yourself-Dog-Wash generate proceeds, which are returned to the dog community by Camp Dogwood.



 Meet the Directors:
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Camp Dogwood has been featured on Animal Planet as Planet’s Best Dog Friendly Destination, as well as The Today Show, Fox News, WGN News, You and Me This Morning WCIU, Steve Dale Pet Show, Reader’s Digest, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Sun Times, Daily Herald, Bark, Modern Dog, Midwest Living, Chicago Magazine, Dog Fancy, and Animal Wellness Magazine.

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